Friday, July 28, 2006


I've decided to add a new catergory on travel to blog down my travel experiences and create a to do list that is hopefully helpful!

So here's my latest trip:

Things to do in Boston!

For past articles, pls scroll down to the respective news blog for details

Travel News

Yup, new category! Hoping to fill the world map with my tiny foot steps. Join me here with my experiences and hopefully helpful to do list.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Relationships news

WHy men marry some women and not others? Find out why

Yes yes, for my loyal males readers. This is for you. Attracting the woman of your dream on the first date(Part one)

To chase or not to? The mini guide to the person of your dreams. Getting to him and getting him.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Notes to myself

Check out the things that buzzes thru my brain.

Tips on attracting the men who will marry you. Find out how!

Confessions of a closet nerd

Hibernation observations.

Retrospections of how to have a good holiday.

Job hazards. How i might die from my job. FInd out how.

Are you one of those people who thinks that being proactive means you can be pushy too?

Does thinking too much kills u? U tell me!

Weight Loss News

Posing to lose the pounds!

Check out weight loss experiment 1.0 It worked, but could have been better.

Experiment 2.0 met with some glitches and shall be discussed in upcoming articles. Stay tuned!

COnfused about all the information about carbohydrates you are getting? Here's one more! haha..hopefully the last one you'll need.

Beauty and Health News

Are you in a cold air conditioned room now condemning yourself for forgetting your lip balm? Find out one handy tip to tide you through the agony of chapped lips.

Burpings and flatuations. What has is got to do with fruits?

Like the idea of raiding your kitchen for great homemade, all natural facial recipes? You'll like this then!

Suffering from fever blister? Check out my 5 easy home remedies for getting rid of those painful blisters

Check out the Home Remedies section for Part 1 of the Total Body Cleansing Series

Personal Development News

Ways to be less irritated. Try it!

The 8 Million Dollar Question to finding out what you truly LOve

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Financial Management

The final part to the financial independence series is finally done! SEEK closure here ^^

Ever wondered how much you need in order to stop working while maintaing your lifestyle? Drop the idea of scrimping and saving till the day you end up in a wooden box. The third instalment of our 4 part mini series on financial independence is here!

The second level of the financial pyramid that we all have been waiting for is finally here!!

EVer wondered about the concept of financial independence? CHeck out my pyramid of financial independence and find out more.

Monday, June 26, 2006


I gotta make a confession.

My brain had been on a holiday for more than a week and my apologies to those who have been keeping up with our blog.

But the good news is, i had a lot of quiet time during that time so there was a lot of reflections done and lots of new ideas for topics.

I hereby make the commitment to blog at least once daily..(with the exception when i go on holidays)

P.S: I'm going to florida this Wednesday! hahahaha

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Growing Together - Introduction

This is a space where I want to try out interesting experiments on personal growth, and also to share my experiences and insights.

I'll be embarking on personal projects that usually spans for 30 days. If i like it, i continue, making it a lifestyle change, if not, I'd drop it. As simple as that! Life's too short to be hang up on stuff that doesn't work for self.:)

I'm going to share on this blog on what i did, so you, as the readers, can benefit from my experiments of what works and what doesn't, at no expense of yourself. There are no catches, I just wanna find an avenue to share, impose commitment on myself and document my personal progress, not just physical appearances wise, but also my inner self.

Come join me on my journey and let's grow together!

Thank you for browsing the site and constructive comments are always appreciated.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My True Purpose In Life

What I want:

To live a fulfiling life whereby people I care for and me, will all grow together and help each other along the way. Let there not be jealously but genuine happiness when one succeeds. Rejoice in personal and public victories, no matter how small. Be empowered. In a world where everything is possible, adding value to people as we grow along each other's side, support, cry and laugh together.

Go to bed feeling that the day had been well spent. Walk up with Andrew beside me, supporting him, letting him fly and grow. Become one with no fear, full of reverence for life, amazed by its beauty, and reaching way beyond our limits and stretching our potentials.

Be touched by the simplicity of life, and be humbled by the power and beauty of it. Days well spent of love, humor, support, respect and laughter. Building a well wrought, stronghold of support circles. May everyone be glowing with true happiness and love because of all the love and support and genuiness